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Gallery Update: “Gold”, “Despair”, “The Hug”, “Pant Suits”, “Speech” and “The Lion’s Mouth Opens”

The gallery has been updated with captures from the “Gold” trailer. I’ve also added captures from the following short films: “Despair”, “The Hug”, “Pant Suits” and “Speech”, as well as captures from the Huntington’s Disease Documentary “The Lion’s Mouth Opens”.

Gallery Links:
035 x Movie Productions > Gold > Trailer Screen Captures
158 x Movie Productions > Despair > Screen Captures
133 x Movie Productions > The Hug > Screen Captures
005 x Movie Productions > Pant Suits > Promotional Photos & Stills
054 x Movie Productions > Pant Suits > Trailer Captures
093 x Movie Productions > Speech > Screen Captures
203 x Talk Shows, Interviews, & Other Screen Captures > 2014 > Documentary: “The Lions Mouth Opens” – Captures

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